Nonfiction Portfolio

Below you can find a list of my various nonfiction publication credits along a timeline (2009-2018). I have provided the names of clients and dates of publication, along with links to pdfs of the given articles where I can provide them. Check out my list of fiction publications.


Graphite Publications

August 2019

The Virtue of Forgetting: On Memory and Oblivion

May 2019

Harness the Power of Dialectical Opposites to Enhance your Storytelling (The Writing Cooperative)

June 2019

Why Writing the Other is Always Radical (Part I) (Writers Guild)

How the History of Medieval Romance Shows us How Representation Matters (Writers Guild)

July 2019

Why Your Story Needs a Causal Chain (The Writing Cooperative)

How to Build Your Causal Chain (The Writing Cooperative)


Graphite Publications

April 2019

The Critical Irrealism of Jorge Luis Borges’s Aleph

February 2019

How to Write a Fully-Rounded Adventure Story Protagonist (Writers Guild)

My Critters List of the 5 Most Common Weaknesses in Fiction (Writers Guild)

October 2018

Books We Are Reading: The Bone Mother by David Demchuk


Cult Montreal

August 2018

This Montreal poet likes his verses deep, dark and funny

January 2018

Venera Dreams collects mystery, historical fiction, superhero stories and erotica


The Bull Calf

September 2017

The Alchemists’ Council by Cynthea Masson


Harf: A Journal of South Asian Studies

April 2017

Through the Prism of the Weird: Usman Malik, Weird Fiction and the Representation of Uneven Development


The Oddest Inkling

May 2016

Taliessin Through Logres 3: “The Vision of the Empire”


Scrivener Creative Review

April 2016

An Interview with George Elliott Clarke


Diocese of Montreal

September 14, 2011

Firm in the Faith, Despite the Stormy Weather

May 31, 2011

You Don’t Have to Save the World

Mary 30, 2011

Young Priest Leads Verdun Youth


The Senior Times

June 2010

In love with the art before the man

May 2010

Dawson math teach is at the top of his trivia game

March 2010

Getting a lift from Up

Unearthing American legends

February 2010

Redefining an understanding of pita

Elegance, lyricism at the tip of her fingers

On the Isle of Spice a black princess reigns

Young performing artists honoured

November 2009

Pastoral volunteers provide spiritual care for those at home